Eight Reasons to Incorporate Mobile into your 2011 Marketing Strategy

Mobile is one of those things that everyone is talking about but most really don’t understand how to leverage. I was watching a Google Tech Talk by Jason Grigsby earlier and he had mentioned something that I wanted to share. He touched on Tomi Ahonen’s “Mobile’s Eight Unique Abilities”. It’s a great way to describe the dynamic nature of mobile devices and the importance of ensuring you have a solid mobile presence.

  • Personal – Everything about these devices are tied to the individual that owns it. A recent study showed that 63% of owners don’t even share their mobile device with their spouses.
  • Permanently Carried – Nobody, I mean nobody likes to be without their phone. In fact 50% of the US admit to sleeping with their phone.
  • Always On – These devices are built to spend the majority of their lives powered up.
  • Built-in Payment Channel – Fun fact: Estonia was the first country to implement mobile parking tickets. You drive to the center of the city, park your car and dial a special number or send a text message. If you are done parking just call the number again. The money is taken directly from your bank account or added to your phone bill. If you are a fan of public transport you can of course buy a bus ticket with your phone or transfer money to your friend’s bank account just by dialing a special phone number. There are almost no regular parking meters.
  • Available at the moment of creative impulse – Working for an ad agency, I certainly have access to great photo/video equipment but some of the best photos or videos that I’ve taken were captured by the best device at the time: my iPhone.
  • Accurate Measurement – This should be interpreted a few ways. First I’d say that smart-phones are able to accurately measure their surroundings through GPS, compasses, accelerometers. Beyond that though, the accurate measurement is tied to the fact that a mobile device is owned by one person and not likely to be shared, meaning that we’re able to accurately measure usage, behavior, etc.
  • Social Context – Our most important social network is the contacts that are stored in our phone. Period. Additionally we’ve seen (comScore) Triple Digit growth in users accessing Facebook and Twitter via Mobile Browsers.
  • Augmented Reality – There have been a few apps that make good use of this technology (Yelp’s Monocle comes to mind) but it’s really just the beginning.

We’ll be posting more about mobile in the weeks to come. It’s something that we’re taking very seriously as a digital agency.

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